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Our policy:

Rotary is committed to maintaining its current position as a business which has minimal adverse impacts on the environment.

In particular, the company aims to:

  • comply fully and, where practical, exceed all relevant statutory environmental legislation
  • use natural resources as efficiently as is reasonably practicable, including raw materials, energy and water
  • minimise solid waste by recovery or recycling wherever this is reasonably practical
  • commission and act on further independent environmental audits should significant additional business activities be developed at Rotary
  • ensure that our major suppliers are identifying their significant environmental impacts and putting in place policies to appropriately address them
  • seek to work with our customers to minimise their environmental impacts by development of Rotary techniques, products and services which are clean and energy efficient when used by our customers

Rotary is committed to continual and regular (at least annual) review of its environmental policy.

Rotary has a full time member of staff whose responsibilities include the co-ordination and administration of Rotary's environmental policy.

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